The Best, Favorite, Most Epic Ever

Foam party at the local library – he didn’t want to leave!

Jack is such a fun kid to parent. He loves life, and I love seeing it all through his eyes. We have learned that, no matter what the event, when Jack gets to go to a birthday party or fun event at the library or a museum or whatever it might be, we can pretty much predict what he will say when he gets home.

“Did you have a good time today, Jack?”

“Oh yeah, it was the best day ever!”

Or the best party ever, the best hotel ever, the best day of my life…anything along those lines. Matt and I get to look at each other and smile, knowing that our boy had a great time and nothing got in the way of his enjoyment that day.

I am thankful that I get to be Jack’s mom. He reminds me to live in the moment. He reminds me to find joy in the big and small things. He fills my heart with joy. ❤️

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