The Return of Reading

I was the girl with the flashlight under my comforter, reading as much as I could as far back as I can remember. Becoming a mother changed my reading habit, and I have read more sporadically over the past ten years or so. At the beginning of 2020, I decided I wanted to get back to reading. I didn’t set a specific goal, but I took a trip without kids in January and got off to a good start. I ended up reading 31 books this year (and a few partials). I am very happy with my progress, and I look forward to reading more in 2021!

These 6 books were my favorites of what I read this year. I read more fiction than non-fiction, but the non-fiction I chose really impacted me. Our small group at church also read one portion of the Immerse Bible, and it was so memorable to read and discuss with my dear friends.

Did you read in 2020? I love to talk about books! Let me know what you read that impacted you. I am always looking to add more to my list!

1 thought on “The Return of Reading

  1. I just finished Rising Strong (loved it!) and I also listened to the audiobook of Where the Crawdad Sings. Reading more is a goal for me in 2021. 🙂


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